What do you believe to be true that very few people agree with?


When rethinking the digital strategy for your company, contrary to conventional belief,  it’s more important to get started, and iteratively continue to enhance features, drive adoption and change management, one use case at a time, than not get started at all. 

Digital transformation is a very broad topic, and it covers a number of different types of initiatives. But, what it boils down to: is changing how a business interacts with customers using technology; and also using technology to significantly improve internal processes, by making them more efficient.

Digital transformation is like peeling an onion – every layer uncovers complexities and possibilities that allow you to blue sky / conceptualize at an early stage and then walk backwards to understand constraints and limitations. It also gives you the chance to test the product with customers early before getting mired in the minutia. 

Will 2019 be the year where you will rethink the digital strategy for your company, design experiences that add value to the core product, Innovate at the intersection of great CX and business process change?

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